Monday, May 17, 2010

post 2

so our first full day here was a success. after lunch we went to get our nails, toes, and hair done. haha it was quite the experience! We took a concha (kinda like a taxi but NOT at all) into "town" to the nail place but first i had to trade out my american dollars for pesos and it def. looked like a drug deal. Some random guy walks up and pulls out this THICK stack of U.S. dollars and pesos and trades me. Then we go to the nail place..... let me tell you about this place, 1) no air conditioning 2) no comfy seats with bubble baths to put your feet in.... we def put our feet in a bowl and our hands in winnie the pooh bowls (o ya cant leave out the hair that was in it!)haha o ya... and cant forget that they not only did the sand paper exfoliant thing on the bottoms of our feet but the tops as well and our hands! haha i was trying so hard to not crack up during all of this. so needless to say Erin and I came home and washed our hands and feet in rubbing alcohol so hopefully we wont get any infections. so then we get our hair washed... with freezing cold water that felt AMAZING because i havent felt air conditioning since i left miami airport. then they blowed out our hair and it acutally looks really really good and thank goodness we did that because we def dont have running water to shower right now because the plumbing is messed up. ughhh so we get home, eat dinner, and then get picked up to go listen to Jazz at this bar which was actually really fun and we got to drink (mommy you know how i just NEEDDDDD my alcohol... or so you think). After the Jazz bar we got back home (still no running water) and Erin and I def. "washed" with wipee's and those germ x wipes you gave me mommy (ps... could u ship a full container of those babies over here haha). so now i'm sitting in bed, sweating my ass off, wanting nothing more than a shower, typing to yall. I'm talking to Sarah (the girl I met through Michael) and she said it pretty much sounds like deployment so apparently I'm ready for the air force! haha anyways, hope everyone has a great night, I have to get to sleep because we have to be ready to go by 7:30 tomorrow morn (not that I'm going to wake up early for a shower since we have no water). Even with Obama as Pres. I must say America is still better than here, at least you can flush your toilet paper down the toilet haha.

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