Monday, May 17, 2010

night/day 1

This is my first blog. I HATE blogging! I was never the kid to have a diary or anything growing up so this is wierd to me, but I'm doing this so Franny can stay updated and anyone else if they want to also so I'm not annoyed to all get out having to give a play by play of my time here when I get back. Anyways, we got to our host house around 10 lastnight and met our mom (Rosa) and her 2 daughters Yammi and Kathy. Yammi is around our age and Kathy is a little older and they are both doctors (I guess their med. school is shorter than in the U.S. haha). Erin and I both SUCK at Spanish so it has been pretty hard communicating but they are all so sweet and Yammi can speak some English so she helps a lot. So when we got to the house last night we put our stuff away, had dinner (baked ham slices, pinapple, and mashed potatoes) and then just went to bed. We got to sleep in this morning since 15 of our group (including both professors) didn't make it to the Dominican because their plane broke down in Dallas. They should get in around 2:30 today and then its an hour and a half drive from the airport they had to wind up flying into. The 8 of us who did make it into the D.R. lastnight wanted to go out but everything is closed for some election. Anyways, so today we woke up around 9:00 and had breakfast, washed up, and then met with our friends Laura and Natalie, and their mom took the four of us and Yammi to the market called La Serena and we got some Dominican Coffee (bringing it back for ya daddy, I heard its REALLY good) and pure Vanilla instead of vanilla extract and some other things. I'm getting some Dominican Rum before I leave here too, maybe I'll share it with yall. After shopping at La Serena we came back to the house and ate lunch. Mommy the pineapple is sooo good here! My tongue already hurts from eating so much. Erin, Yammi and I are going to go get mani, pedis, and our hair done in a little bit. I can't wait! Anyways, having a great time so far, just trying to get around this language barrier. o and by the way, Rosa and Yammi are already trying to hook me up with their cousin... I just love being the pittied single girl. haha

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  1. a few things.....
    1. good job brooke!!! i don't think you misspelled any words in that whole story!
    2. find a rich dominican.... or whatever they're called
    3. the food they're making you seems normal so far... so long diet! haha
    xoxo k